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Helicopter Resources is firmly committed to seeking the highest level of operational excellence as a basic corporate policy. We take pride in providing the safest and most reliable service to customers. We have an exceptional safety record, having won internationally recognised safety awards.



Safety and Quality are the starting point for every activity undertaken at Helicopter Resources. Our fully integrated Safety Management and Quality Systems form the backbone of our operating principles.

New tasks are analyzed through our Hazards Assessment process and ongoing operations are continually reviewed for safety and quality improvements. Our ISO9001 Certified Quality Management System ensures all activities are conducted to a consistent and exacting standard.

At Helicopter Resources we promote Just Culture which encourages individuals to raise safety concerns and report safety events. If you have a safety concern, we encourage you fill out a safety report here.
We conduct regular internal audits of our operation and have numerous external audits conducted annually.

Our fleet of aircraft are all fitted with TracPlus real time satellite tracking and every flight is monitored by a trained staff member throughout the flight. All aircraft carry satellite phones, first aid kits and survival kits.

Our pilots undertake regular training and checking in all aircraft normal procedures, emergency procedures and specialist operations. All pilots are qualified in Helicopter Underwater Egress, First Aid and Low Level Crew Resource Management.



The BARS standard is widely considered to be the highest tier aviation quality standard available, and generally required for clients such as BHP, Rio Tinto and Telstra. In 2020, Helicopter Resources became a BARS registered company, the only provider in Tasmania to do so.

For information on BARS please see: https://flightsafety.org/bars/bars-program/

In the past, Resource companies each had their own aviation safety standard and would engage aviation service providers to transport staff to work sites at their own expense. There was no single industry aviation standard to manage their aviation risk. In 2010, resource industry giants BHP and Rio Tinto came together and approached the Flight Safety Foundation (FSFL) as an independent, impartial not-for profit organization to collaborate in establishing a global aviation safety assessment and audit protocol (The BAR Standard). The 12 founding BARS Member Organizations then worked with FSF over twelve months to develop the BARS Program and turn it into an award-winning International Aviation Safety Program.

The BARS Program has grown worldwide in membership and expanded from the resource and mining sectors to include government, insurance, commercial, defence and humanitarian organizations who also conduct global aviation activities in remote locations.

Please consider the value in Safety & Quality when selecting your helicopter provider.


If you will be flying with us soon please take the time to view our aircraft safety briefing videos. Even if you fly regularly, we encourage you to take the time refamiliarize yourself with the safety features of our aircraft. Prior to your flight your pilot will conduct a more detailed briefing at the aircraft.

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Please use the form below to report a safety observation. All submissions will be investigated by our Safety & Quality Manager. Alternatively, you can send an email to the Safety Manager via this link.